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Joy food

As a chef, I have a great responsibility.
My aim is to provide my customers with the healthiest possible food and to share my knowledge in my cookery courses.


The concept of Joy Food is based on the book „Essen Sie nichts,
was Ihre Großmutter nicht als Essen erkannt hätte
“ ("Food rules") by Michael Pollan and the wealth of knowledge of our nutritionist Ulrike Weyer.

Here are our principles:

Regional and seasonal
This enables us to guarantee maximum freshness for you.
We are in constant dialogue with the farmers from whom we source our vegetables.

Our food comes from healthy soil from healthy cultivation.
In some cases, local sourcing is more important than the organic label.

Less sugar
We use sweeteners such as honey.

As colourful as life
... are our dishes. We cook in colours: The colours of many vegetables show which different antioxidant phytochemicals they contain. Viva la variety!

Leave(s) nothing behind
The leaves of radishes or beetroot, for example, are healthy and are similar to spinach or chard in terms of their appearance and uses.

We see meat as a food for special occasions and live the "Sunday roast culture". We also maintain personal contact with meat producers.

We love it wild
We process as many ingredients as possible that grow in the wild. Plants that grow wild have to defend themselves against various pests and diseases without our help and therefore contain many important substances.

Sour makes you happy
We love food that has been transformed by living microorganisms: Yoghurt, Sauerkraut, soy sauce and sourdough bread. These foods can be a good source of vitamin B12.

Flowers round off the meal
Both as an addition to salads (for example nasturtium) and as a bouquet on the table, flowers enhance our food.

Food is a cultural good
It is not just about what we eat, but also how we eat it. Setting the table nicly and serving with love is important to us.

Eating in community
Eating together elevates eating from a mere food intake to a cultural event in the family or among friends.

Variety revitalises
The huge selection in the supermarket is deceptive, because many products are made from just a handful of plant species (maize, soya, wheat). We cook with a wide variety of grains and vegetables.

At our events, we encourage our customers to cook for themselves. Research has shown that people who cook for themselves are healthier.

Relaxed enjoyment
Thinking too much about dietary rules is bad for our mental balance. It is important to take a relaxed approach to this topic --> so let loose and enjoy :).